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Brian's wife died of cancer 7 years ago, but Pearson always loved her deeply. During the interview after winning the prize, he also talked several times: Spowerball numbers from last nighthe is my guardian angel, and friends like her very much. . On March 28, when Pearson purchased the Nebraska 5 lottery ticket, he chose 11/29, which represents the birthday of his deceased wife, and formed a bet number with her death date 7/4/13. It was such a bet number that made him accidentally win the $280,000 jackpot. He bought this lottery ticket at the gas station. Later, when he heard about the big prizes in the Kimball area, he started to check his lottery tickets. He didn't expect that he was the one who won the prize.

"I received a call from Lawrence and he said,'I can provide you with a huge database of all the people who have won more than 600 yuan on the Florida lottery for more than a decade." _x000D_

The head of the South Carolina Lottery Agency said that considering the huge amount of winnings, such a situation is very rare. If unclaimed in the end, the bonus will be returned to the 44 states participating in Zhaocai, of which South Carolina will get about 11.2 million, and this money will go to the state's education fund.

British road cleaners still sweep the road after winning the 45 million yuan prize (photo)

Employees under long-term financial agreements. -I doubt that sounds too good. Bettendorf police chief Phil Reddington said that the cause of the accident was Casey’s enlistment in Piard.

She explained that I was just buying luck there, chewing gum anpowerball numbers from last nightd grinning. At the press conference of her mother and two sisters, she still feels lost after a huge victory.

Saturday morning, 3rd November proved to be a very good day for nine Indians as the draw for the Dream 10 Million Raffle Draw Series 197 took place in the Abu Dhabi International Airport Arrivals Hall, and they became the latest winners of the ever popular Big Ticket Raffle in the UAE. The jackpot winner, Britty Markose, won Dh10 million (the equivalent of more than US$2.7 million) while the monthly Dream Car competition Series 13 was won by Rava Mada, also from India, who won a brand new Land Rover.

Recently, the French Administrative Court ruled on the matter and determined that the Ministry of Economy lost the case and that the person who picked up the winning lottery ticket did not have to pay taxes.

Checkered paint and cheeky! This is the result of a sample survey of another lifestyle. It happens to be 9 to 5. If you buy or purchase a possible program and put a lot of heavy objects on the watch, don't you believe it?

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